GNOME Q4 2009 Quarterly report

The GNOME Foundation would like to present the Q4 2009 Quarterly report[1] (HTML version[2]). Q4 is normally a quiet quarter — but not for GNOME! During Q4 we had our annual GNOME Asia, GNOME Forum Brazil and Boston Summit events as well as a record four hackfests! The Marketing, Zeitgeist, Video and WebKitGTK+ teams all made good progress on their goals during their hackfests. Next quarter we'll continue the good work with hackfests planned in areas like usability and accessibility. GNOME will also be represented at a number of events like FOSDEM, SCALE, FOSS 2010 Workshop, Open Mobility, Libre Planet and more! In addition to events, teams like the System Administration team have made a lot of progress — they've installed Piwik, Plone, Splinter, and CiviCRM to improve GNOME's infrastructure. This quarter's update also includes an update from the GNOME Board of Directors. Read on[1] to hear all of the fabulous work that was done on GNOME in Q4 2009!

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