Re: Can we improve things?

I am more concerned about big posters, posting almost everyday some
long text and for who I have never seen any GNOME related post, and
who I never read anything from them except their blog on planet
(should I really give names ?).

People complain about the number of posts everyday and the decreasing
interest in reading the planet, I think that this is the main content

I think everyone has their own least-favorite bloggers... so why not add easy-to-use filtering/personalization on pgo, like I suggested earlier? (End-user hacking of css files doesn't count as easy.) Let the users boost the signal-to-noise ratio themselves!

A good example is Miguel's blog. Fascinating stuff, if you're into Mono. A big waste of screen space if you aren't. (I mean that nicely, not snidely... ) Same with the reading-list-type-blogs.

- Mike

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