Re: Can we improve things?

On 9/12/07, BJörn Lindqvist <bjourne gmail com> wrote:
> It is not true, but it is not laughable. I don't for a second doubt
> that you do not censor But many months ago I emailed
> you and asked to get my blog syndicated. I never got any reply and
> left it as that because I didn't care very strongly about it and my
> blog isn't that good anyway. One could speculate why one doesn't
> receive any reply:
> 1. Jeff gets so many mail each day that he forgot about it.
> 2. The mail got lost in the spam filter.
> 3. Jeff doesn't like you.
> 4. Jeff doesn't like your blog.
> 5. Jeff doesn't like your politics.
> 6. Neither you nor your blog is elite enough.
> 7. in an old boys club.
> Of those, only 1 and 2 are really plausible. But there is *no way to
> know that*. Which is why you people resort to speculations which is
> why this whole thread started.
> Which is why a transparent process is really really important.
> Requests should be handled through bugzilla because then everyone can
> see that it is all open and all allegations about nepotism is totally
> unfounded.

I agree with you. I asked by email to be added in May. In June someone
asked my "why don't you ask to get on planet GNOME ?" so I asked
again. I think I asked again by mail since but can't find it...
About one month ago I tried to ask in private on IRC without answer again.

So I am thinking that the answer is either 3,4 or 6...

I would really have preferred something public, with an answer even if
it is "your blog does not look enough related to GNOME" or "Your
English is not good enough" or "You are not involved enough in GNOME"
or whatever...

In my opinion, the issue is not about having control over what get
included, but about tracking the requests.

How many people asked, never got any answer and don't know why ?

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