Re: Executive director [was: Re: OOXML]

On 11/6/07, David Bolter <dtb gnome org> wrote:
> It is perhaps of interest to some that the Mozilla Foundation has not
> found it easy to find a new Executive Director

I believe the GNOME project needs more an "executer" than a director.

Looking for the perfect candidate can be a long, expensive race that
perhaps brings no result. We have tried this, didn't work, don't think
it will work.

Note that in most cases you need a strong professional context to hire
a strong professional. The Mozilla Foundation can offer that strong
professional context. GNOME can't, and I'd even say doesn't want to.

There are some people in our community that would make wonders
executing and directing in the GNOME Foundation, if we would set
humble objectives, humble approach and pay a decent salary for that.

Hint: if that person hired among us is a good team player able to
engage the community, after 1-2 years the results obtained in total
wouldn't be humble at all.

Quim Gil ///

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