Re: GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 7/6/07

On 6/11/07, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
how can they be efficient if only 50 of the 500 GUADEC
attendees get the chance to experience it?

Think of 10 joint meetings of about 100 people average hosted by
bigger events worldwide where GNOME and KDE people anyway go. This
looks like a more sustainable equation favoring more people (and more
focus in each event?).

Of course this doesn't sell as much as the joint conference to the
press and the corporate world but... I think at a community/project
level is a better and more profitable (in the non-monetary sense)

This is perhaps the old debate about centralization / decentralization
- I tend to opt for decentralization. And sorry, having gone through
one GUADEC and other events  I can't detach organizational challenges
from the discussion. It's like discussing which car to buy leaving for
later the measures of your garage.

Quim Gil ///

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