GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 7/6/07

GNOME Foundation Meeting Minutes :: 7th June 2007

Present: Anne, Behdad, Dave, Glynn, Jeff, Quim, Vincent
Absent: Rosanna


   We have the opportunity of joining ECMA as a non-profit
   member. Jody has expressed an interest in being a representative
   for GNOME, and suggested it would also be good to get someone
   there from Abiword.

   ACTION: Behdad to contact Jody about the ECMA membership application
           and find a good candidate from Abiword to attend. Behdad to
           work on getting a press release for our membership.

2) GUADEC Sponsorship

   The GUADEC team have come up with an initial list of people to
   sponsor, but still have a number of people that would like to
   sponsor and have asked if they can spend an extra 5K GBP. Given
   the delay in hiring the biz dev position, all feel that we can
   spend a little out of that purse, providing there's a little
   spread over a few people rather than one or two.

   ACTION: Dave to contact GUADEC team to let them know about
           the extra sponsorship, and provide some rough guidelines
           if there needed to be some priorities made.

3) Biz Dev

   We have another candidate available for this position, and need
   to start organizing a first interview, in and around 21st June.
   Dave is going to ask Jonathan if he's keen to stay involved, given
   his interviewing experience. All agreed we should use the first
   interview as a filter, with a recommendation later for a 2nd
   interview. If the candidate gets through, it would be possible
   to get them to GUADEC for a final interview, and contract

   ACTION: Dave to get in touch with Jonathan to see if he is still
           keen to be on the interview panel.
   ACTION: Dave to organize an interview with the candidate as soon
           as possible.

4) GNOME and KDE Conference

   There has been some discussion about a possible merge of GNOME
   and KDE conferences. This has been discussed at the advisory
   board level, along with the KDE e.v. members list. If there is
   considerable opposition from both sides, then it isn't worth
   exploring further. Jeff mentioned that it's likely to come up
   at DAM4.

   ACTION: Jeff to follow up about a possible GNOME and KDE
           conference merge at DAM4.

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