Re: Regarding OOXML and Microsoft patents

> "Use 1.1 line spacing" this argument is funny, and was
> addressed at the Portuguese Technical Commission.
> There is an essential difference between
> SecretRuleYouCan'tKnowOfProductFuBar and
> UnderSpecifiedRuleYouCanReadSourceCodeToCompleteKnowledge

They are all underspecified (both groups) using quotes, or using amusing
names is not going to get them specified.

> > And it addresses in particular the issue of whether it should be removed
> > or not.
> Nice, just another repeatition the argument of "legacy". What about
> KWord? Can it support legacy formats, or is legacy only for Microsoft?

You could request that those bits be specified if you really care about
them.   They are rendering and layout issues that as Michael pointed are
not really specified in either standard and seems minor.

Oh, I forgot, since Michael said it, and he works at Novell on
OpenOffice, and Novell has an agreement with Microsoft to implement
OOXML his opinion is useless.   Duh, how did I not think of that.

> > Of course this is my position on technical merits, others implementors
> > might have other views.   On political and activist grounds you might
> > also reach different conclusions, but I will find it difficult in the
> > future to say with a straight face in court "well, they did not specify
> > enough, so this format created lock-in". 
> > 
> > > Specially from people who work for a company that is strategically
> > > aligned with Microsoft.
> > 
> > Ah, the old guilt by association way of constructing a logical argument.
> > Always a fine choice.
> Well, pot, meet kettle. However, you are the one who said almost word
> for word what another Microsoft employee said at the Portuguese Meeting.

You are saying pot meet kettle, but you either does not know what it
means, or you do not know how to use it, or you are incorrectly using

Yes, and you will notice that Microsoft employees, IBM employees and
myself all agree that 2+2 equals 4.   It does not make it a conspiracy,
it is merely a conclusion that you can arrive to if you do not let
bigotry get in the way of your advocacy.

> It's fortunate that he didn't speak Portuguese, this is how I could tell
> you used almost word for word what he said. Do they give lectures on how
> to answer? I'm curious :)

You keep attacking the messenger and not the message and trying to use
guilt by association.   It works wonder for the Bush administration, I
applaud your efforts to mimic the very best the world of FUD has to


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