Re: Regarding OOXML and Microsoft patents

    Interest groups have used standards to club their opponents for many
    years.  Its nothing new.

It is insulting because of the contemptuous attitude it shows.
Really that speaks about you, not about me.

     I would not go as far as saying
    that OOXML is a sham just because ODF helps us advance our own FLOSS

Why not?  Surely there is nothing wrong with telling the truth to
support the free software cause.

If OOXML were not a sham, it would be dishonest to call it one in
order to achieve our ends.  I would not suggest that, and I have not.
I suggested that we tell the truth about OOXML.

OOXML is a sham as a free/open standard, due to dozens of flaws
described in

What we should do, for the sake of our free software agenda, is make
an effort to inform the public and governments of this state of

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