Re: Regarding OOXML and Microsoft patents

> > The problem is that the above url is far from being truthful.  You do
> > not have to go too far to find problems with it, starting with the
> > discussion that we were having on this forum regarding the Microsoft OSP
> > patent promise.   
> I have issued with it, it is only for *required* parts which are
> *described in detail* and *not merely referenced*.

As I already mentioned, those pieces are tiny (the metafile images),
they are old, so any patents in there would expire and ODF depends on
those as well.

> > For one, the description on that page is at odds with the statements by
> > Larry Rosen on the license (I included it at the end of this message).
> > Rosen's statement is from November 2005, and reflects the pre-OSP
> > promise, but this is discussed in the above url, and considered a
> > non-starter which puts it at odds with Rosen's position.  
> You're parroting Microsoft propaganda.

Instead of using an ad-hominem attack, you could point us why Larry
Rosen is wrong and you are right, his credentials seem pretty solid to

        In addition to this law practice, Larry also served for many
        years as general counsel and secretary of the non-profit Open
        Source Initiative (OSI). He currently advises many open source
        companies and non-profit open source projects including Apache
        Software Foundation and the Python Software Foundation.  In
        2005-2006 he was a Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School.
        Larry's book, Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and
        Intellectual Property Law, was published by Prentice Hall in

Labeling inconvenient facts as propaganda is precisely the kind of
practice that I want to avoid.

> > Larry Rosen statement [2]
>  (snip)
> It's been a long time since I *last* trusted Larry Rosen's words. This
> is just one more of his unthoughtful statements that led me to doubt
> such broad statements.

Then produce the legal council that contradicts Rosen.


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