Re: Required: Administrator for the Foundation

    As Jonathan pointed out, our bank has a website which does some rather
    evil platform detection, and refuses to run on anything other than IE.

This is worse than I realized.  The Foundation is not only using
user-subjugating software, it is using a bank that pressures its
customers to do so.  That makes two reasons to stop.

Running Internet Explorer on GNU/Linux using Wine, which someone
suggested, is not a real solution because IE itself is proprietary
software.  That approach avoids Windows, but doesn't avoid IE.

Until you find another bank, you could stop dealing with the bank on
line, and do business with it the old-fashioned way, with paper, phone
calls, and/or visits to the bank office.  It may be inconvenient, but
it freedom is worth a small sacrifice.

However, another approach is worth thinking about.  What is the
obstacle to programming a free browser so that it pretends to be IE?
That would be the really desirable solution.

What bank is it?  Maybe the FSF and the GNOME Foundation can organize
a pressure campaign for the bank to change its policies.

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