Re: Required: Administrator for the Foundation

    Even when you are right regarding the probably-irrelevant-in-context
    GNU/Linux issue, it worths noting that the Foundation is looking for an
    administrator, not a hacker. That is clearly stated in Federico's e-mail
    title and body.

You're right; I had forgotten that.  (I was looking at Mark's message
which quoted those lines, not at Federico's message.)  I'm sorry for
causing some confusion.

I ought to have said,

    Since you're not looking for kernel hackers,
    please make that "GNU/Linux literate".
    You probably want someone who knows how to edit with Emacs,
    do accounting with GNUcash and Gnumeric, operate GNOME, etc.

(Quim Gil pointed out that it may be necessary to hire someone
who isn't GNU/Linux literate, just to get someone soon.
I'm not trying to dispute that question.)

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