Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

<quote who="Quim Gil">

> These documents reflect already the content and intent of the GNOME
> Foundation. They don't need any extra blessing or acceptance, what is in
> there is a right, a duty and a guidance for all of us. If they need
> updating let's update them. If they need advertisement let's advertise
> them. 

Hold on... You're suggesting that instead of creating a document with this
content, we should update another document with this content. Interesting
idea [1], and certainly food for thought, but... totally dodging the point
of the discussion!

Can we stop arguing about *where to put it* and *what to call it*, and go
back to talking about what should go in it, and the shared values we want to
express? :-)

- Jeff

[1] I do think it's a good thought, but I think it would be more appropriate
for a document like this to be a separate statement of values for the *GNOME
project* rather than part of the legal principles and charter of the *GNOME
Foundation*. Indeed, if you're scared about this being some kind of OFFICIAL
LAW OF GNOME, then you should be doubly concerned about it being legally
binding. ;-) And at that point, anyone could say "but I'm not a Foundation
member, therefore it doesn't apply to me".

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