Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> I also still think it is a pretty bad idea

I'd like to find out why people think it's a bad idea, when I think the idea
has been pretty soundly proven as good by the Ubuntu community (albeit, the
CoC was part of the Ubuntu community's creation, but I thinke everyone is
being realistic about the fact that this is something we're introducing).

> with little-to-no proof of the existence of the problems *in our
> community* that it purports to solve

I'm not sure it was suggested to solve a particular social problem in the
community (because while we have some behavioural problems, they're not at
all crippling the project in any way) but in a somewhat metatastic fashion,
it was suggested to solve the problem that we don't have a CoC. :-) This of
course depends on whether you see inherent value in documenting our shared
values - I do, and I think Murray does.

> and less existence of proof that it will actually solve the problems

Creating a CoC will solve the problem of not having a CoC. :-)

> Furthermore, I think the proposal ignores the costs of raising barriers to
> entry to our existing community (both real and perceived). But it seems
> clear that the people pushing this forward are determined to ignore such
> objections, so I've shut up.

Why do you think a statement of expectation and intent will be a barrier to
entry for our existing community? It's not like this is rules, it's more
about shared values, which are extremely important in a project like ours,
particularly as we scale up. I think it has been altogether too conservative

As an aside, it was never intended to be "legislation" or "rules", and every
time it's painted as such, it says more about the poster's attitude than the
CoC's intent (not that you have done so in this mail, but others have done
so recently on the list).

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
      "Love never misses the chance to put the boot in." - Kelly, SLOU

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