Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

El dv 04 de 08 del 2006 a les 22:11 +1000, en/na Jeff Waugh va escriure:

> Hold on... You're suggesting that instead of creating a document with this
> content, we should update another document with this content.

Not "with this content" i.e. adding an extra chapter, but making sure
the principles and recommendation we are missing in the current
documents appear there.

My basic point is: the GNOME Foundation charter has already everything
we need to behave, be respectful and productive. 

It is not a coincidence that the community that came up with that
charter and this Foundation is doing well behaving, being respectful and
productive. It is possible that after these years the charter needs
updating to keep being a valid referent for the GNOME project nowadays.
If this is the case, let's update it. 

Doing the process of updating the charter would be a failure? I don't
see why, this process could be healthy for the community, and the result
would be stronger and more sounded. In the meantime the list of
recommendations could be discussed, tested, improved, applied (it was
being applied before being written in a wiki page anyway).

>  Interesting
> idea [1], and certainly food for thought, but... totally dodging the point
> of the discussion!

I tried to nail precisely the point of the discussion: it is the
backbone of the GNOME Foundation that needs to be healthy, adding a rib
doesn't solve the problem (if there is a problem). 

> Can we stop arguing about *where to put it* and *what to call it*, and go
> back to talking about what should go in it, and the shared values we want to
> express? :-)

Jeff, it is normal that people wonders what is this box and what you
want to do it in order to help providing the content you want for that

To me these principles can stay at ,
they are fine. But since you are asking for acceptance from the
Foundation and "blessing" of the board I think the content and the label
needs to be diferent. And the idea of integrating these principles to
the current principles of the Foundation is pertinent and sensible, I

But it seems I keep missing the point. Sorry for making you waste extra
time, all we have better things to do than reading long threads leading
nowhere. I give up. Good luck with the document. Really.

Quim Gil /// |

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