Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

El dj 03 de 08 del 2006 a les 12:06 +0100, en/na Alan Cox va escriure:
> You are the caveman arguing that
> since it was ok to whack people on the head with a club during
> disagreements last month, its clearly a good idea to continue that way.

Not at all. I am a GNOME contributor thinking that real principles are
not written, and writing down behavior recommendations doesn't make them
stronger. I didn't come up with this idea myself, this is a fact for
many psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists analyzing human

Different things: behaving well <--> writing down that we must behave

Different things: not wanting to write down a list of principles to
follow <--> not following principles.

I haven't seen cave(wo)men in this debate, nor I find them usually in
the GNOME community. I see people following principles. I see people
behaving, and asking others to behave when there is an exception. Some
would accept this CoC, some wouldn't. Most share already a form-less set
of unwritten principles. Where is the club whacking in GNOME?

There is this (recursive) suggestion that people against the proposed
CoC are against principles. I think we are open to a broader, wider and
more diverse collection of principles than the ones you can get by
writing down a list. 

Also, there is this association of people against the proposed CoC with
anarchism. "If It Works, Don't Fix It" is perhaps a most common
denominator, which has to do with efficiency and not ideology. For what
I have read, people against the CoC agree that it is probably not going
to serve the purpose for what it is being created, and it will surely
add trouble where there was no trouble.

GNOME needs to standarize software, development processes, interfaces...
but do we need to standarize behaviors? I joined a free software project
with a common goal, not a country or a civilization. 

Every time a GNOME contributor is performing an action in this community
has already on the shoulders several layers of adopted and accepted
moral principles and legal rules, written and unwritten, different from
the principles and rules of others. Do we really need to add a written
GNOME layer? Are we in such a crisis or menace that we need to create
and agree upon an additional ethical layer to behave? 

Do you really think that writing down "Be nice" makes us nicer and makes
us look nicer to the outsiders? 

Quim Gil /// |

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