Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

Ar Iau, 2006-08-03 am 03:42 +0200, ysgrifennodd Quim Gil:
> The GNOME community has growth for years without a CoC and now that it
> is being proposed to have one there is no consensus. This shows that
> probably a CoC is not good for this community. 

I disagree. So there is no consensus on whether consensus is good. (Feel
free to recurse infinitely)

> The Ubuntu community has many aspects different to the GNOME community

You mean its polite, friendly, and open (people not alas the software).
Notice how well that community is thriving and compare its state to the
rather different Debian community from whence it came.

> Still, external references are useful. There are many communities doing
> well out there without a CoC. Can you provide examples of mature
> communities being benefited by the late adoption of a CoC? 

Most countries. Most civilisations. You are the caveman arguing that
since it was ok to whack people on the head with a club during
disagreements last month, its clearly a good idea to continue that way.

Groups of people regularly refine their behaviour in order to become
more inclusive and to deal with things that worry many if not all of
them.  The US even went to war with itself to remove the right to own
slaves. It took away the right to treat women as objects, it took away
the right to treat black people as doormats. Not unsuprisingly most
people think that loss of rights was a good thing.

The CoC is only a guide. Its not even saying "no clubbing people" its
saying "please don't club people on #gnome or when doing gnome stuff".


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