Re: What is GUADEC?

On 9/14/05, Quim Gil <qgil interactors coop> wrote:
> > Let's be very clear- we have a conference for hackers that interests
> > several hundred people, and we have a separate conference for business
> > and government that interests dozens, and there is very little overlap
> > between those two groups. I'm not clear why we continue to insist that
> > they be done together, when doing them separately would allow us to do
> > each of them much better than we currently do them.
> I agree with this reasoning in general terms.
> But referring to the GUADEC7 @ Barcelona it just happen we have an event
>  for business and government going on next to the GUADEC, but not
> overlapping it. A former weakness convertd in a strength.
> So please, let's think of a GUADEC track dedicated to business /
> government / IT managers happening physically in the IGC's heart focused
> on enlighten / exorcise them.

Absolutely! I definitely don't want to imply that we should neglect
these areas, and like you say, this is a particularly good opportunity
to do it. But we should plan under the assumption that these tracks
are not very interesting to hackers, and budget room size
appropriately, including alternate tracks and such for hackers.
> During the weekend Jordi Mas and the local groups are already thinking
> of activities for the local users, grow their interest and get them
> involved.

I've seen that and it rocks. I'm sorry that I personally will not have
as much time to be involved as I'd hoped; it seems like it will be a
great conference in that way.


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