Re: Changing the name of GUADEC

On 9/5/05, David Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
> I would like to propose changing the name of GUADEC. There are many
> reasons to do this, here are 5:
> 1. There is no link to GNOME in the name, or to being a conference

In both the current name and the proposed name, you have a G, that's
it. So if this is the problem, the proposed new name doesn't solve it.

> 2. No-one knows what it means, which means the first question people ask
> isn't "when is it?" or "where is it?" or "who's going?" it's "what does
> it mean?"


Besides these obvious flaws, I'd really hate to see fundamental
tinkering with things like this while we still don't have a basic idea
of what the heck GUADEC is and who it is meant to be for.

I think the GUADEC planners need to come up with a mission statement
for the board to discuss and approve/disapprove of, one that discusses
(1) the aims and goals of guadec (2) the target markets of guadec and
(3) some rationales for the above. I continue to hear all kinds of
'we'll change this' and 'we'll do that' when it seems like no one is
on the same page about why what is happening is being done. I think if
GUADEC's mission is made clear, this discussion will take care of
itself- we'll have a notion of who GUADEC is primarily for, and why
we're doing it for them, and then it'll be fairly obvious whether or
not the current name works.


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