Re: What is GUADEC?

I don't think we should eliminate the enterprise or government outreach aspects of GUADEC - think how important deployments like Extremadura have been (or should have been). However I think we should focus that outreach to take advantage of our strengths.

In that way, enterprises and/or governments with interest in "the Free Desktop" will know that GUADEC is the place to go for specific, targeted discussions of issues of interest to them, from a highly technical and expert perspective. The fact that GUADEC is full of technically astute hackers _including the core platform developers_ is something few conferences can offer. Instead of trying to "pull people in off the street", so to speak, let's advertise the fact that GUADEC is the place to go for answers, solutions, and open dialogue about issues of importance to users.

What I'm suggesting is this: keep GUADEC a hacker's conference, but specifically make it a place where users (especially technically savvy users and institutional users) can engage with developers on technical issues. This will not only be helpful to institutional users and would-be deployers, in helping them understand what Gnome can do for them, but also to Gnome developers, by helping us understand the challenges and needs of the broader user community.


Dave Neary wrote:


Tim Ney, GNOME Foundation a écrit :

On Wed, 2005-09-07 at 16:05 +0200, Quim Gil wrote:

For some the GUADEC is an opportunity to meet, for others is a way to
get new contributors, for others is a way to get some money for the
Foundation, for others is a way to enhance a common vision of GNOME, for

That's a fair summary of what the board has discussed, as recently as
June.  Jonathan Blandford once termed GUADEC as GNOME's mothership, an
annual place to meet and recharge batteries.  It has played at least
four important roles for GNOME and the foundation over the last six

*Technical *Outreach *Community (Social)
  Press announcements about the event state:

The GNOME User and Developer Europe Conference (GUADEC) is an annual
gathering of GNOME developers, enthusiasts and individual, business,
education and government users worldwide. It provides a forum for
members of the GNOME project to showcase their work and to discuss the
future of GNOME development. Housed in a different European country each
year, GUADEC is a catalyst for the future development and direction of

The point is, Tim, that is is huge. It's wide open. And aiming too wide is at the root of the problems that there have been with GUADEC over the past two years, where a large portion of the attendees were either completely uninterested in the first two days, or completely uninterested in the 3rd.

Aiming a conference at "developers, enthusiasts and individual, business, education and government users worldwide" is madness. We might as well say "everybody", and be done with it.

If it's outreach, who are we reaching out to?

There is no argument on at least 2 of the points - everyone who goes sees GUADEC as a technical, social conference. No-one disagrees with having outreach either - but I would prefer to see us reaching out to people just off our radar - converting GNOME users into advocates, converting local free software developers into GNOME developers, and converting local hobbyists into free software and GNOME users.

The ROI for the enterprise & government outreach has been small, and I'm not sure we should continue it.


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