Re: What is GUADEC?

> Deciding what GUADEC is for is harder. Changing the name should be easy.

As you see is not that easy. :)

Also, what is most important about a change is not the fact of being
easy or harder, but being useful and worth to change.

I don't think it's worth deciding a change for GUADEC's name before
deciding the type of event we want. Or need.

>From a classical marketing perspective, first you find a concept and
then you find a name to package it. Although contemporary
marketing-for-the-masses is becoming extremely successful starting with
the packaging and then finding whatever to fill it and get big profits
(after huge investments).

Then I would suggest starting with the name and then discussing the
concept just if we want a GUADEC for the masses, and we have at least
$100M to invest in advertising-for-the-masses.  ;)

> The problem is that lots of people have said that we need to improve
> GUADEC, and that's much more important than the name. Very few people
> have actually said what they think GUADEC should be.

I think the answer comes mainly through this question:

What are the weaknesses of the GNOME project that could be improved by
organizing an international event?

For some the GUADEC is an opportunity to meet, for others is a way to
get new contributors, for others is a way to get some money for the
Foundation, for others is a way to enhance a common vision of GNOME, for

No single person have the complete answer, although most of us have
parts of it. Therefore, a suggestion could be:

1. Spread this question through the GNOME community, the free software
world, the software development industry, the IT sector. Ask for
feedback and be prepared to get it.

2. Make a list with the items.

3. Discuss and prioritise the list.

4. Design an event that covers perfectly the top 5 priorities (or so)
and is strong in the 6th to 10th (or so). Don't get obsessed about the
rest. Save the full list of priorities in a cupboard.

5. Change the GUADEC name if it doesn't fit in the new design and there
is a better alternative.

6. Once the event is finished and it's time to get some conclusions,
take the list out of the cupboard and check the priorities, its related
weaknesses and the impact the event have had on them.

Quim Gil |

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