Re: What is GUADEC?

On Wed, 2005-09-07 at 16:05 +0200, Quim Gil wrote:

> For some the GUADEC is an opportunity to meet, for others is a way to
> get new contributors, for others is a way to get some money for the
> Foundation, for others is a way to enhance a common vision of GNOME, for
> others....

That's a fair summary of what the board has discussed, as recently as
June.  Jonathan Blandford once termed GUADEC as GNOME's mothership, an
annual place to meet and recharge batteries.  It has played at least
four important roles for GNOME and the foundation over the last six

*Community (Social)
Press announcements about the event state:

The GNOME User and Developer Europe Conference (GUADEC) is an annual
gathering of GNOME developers, enthusiasts and individual, business,
education and government users worldwide. It provides a forum for
members of the GNOME project to showcase their work and to discuss the
future of GNOME development. Housed in a different European country each
year, GUADEC is a catalyst for the future development and direction of


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