Re: What is GUADEC?

> Let's be very clear- we have a conference for hackers that interests
> several hundred people, and we have a separate conference for business
> and government that interests dozens, and there is very little overlap
> between those two groups. I'm not clear why we continue to insist that
> they be done together, when doing them separately would allow us to do
> each of them much better than we currently do them.

I agree with this reasoning in general terms.

But referring to the GUADEC7 @ Barcelona it just happen we have an event
 for business and government going on next to the GUADEC, but not
overlapping it. A former weakness convertd in a strength.

So please, let's think of a GUADEC track dedicated to business /
government / IT managers happening physically in the IGC's heart focused
on enlighten / exorcise them.

During the weekend Jordi Mas and the local groups are already thinking
of activities for the local users, grow their interest and get them

This means the 2 outsiders' fronts are covered. The we can feel free to
dream about great tracks and activities useful&interesting to the GNOME

Quim Gil |

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