Re: Changing the name of GUADEC

An, 2005 09 06 14:06 +0100, Bill Haneman rašė:

> >The only conflict I see is the "E" of "European". 
> Tilt it on its side and it's fine, "W" for world.

Oh, this is a real gem. Could anyone comment on this? This touches the
*real* reason ("4. Do we really want to limit it to Europe?") why we
would like to touch the name of GUADEC at all. Our artists could make
cool banners with 'E' rotated 45 degrees, and put a bit of make up to
it. :)

> I like GUADEC too, I think we risk losing some recognition/mindshare by 
> changing.  And once you hear the name, you never forget it.

I second that.


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