Re: Changing the name of GUADEC

> So the solution is that we dump the name that a lot of people in the free software world 
> knows

I'm the last donkey here but I think GNOME insiders should realize the
big investment done already with the brand GUADEC.

I knew "GUADEC" was the name of "the event where GNOME developers meet"
as soon as I got interested in GNOME, in my first steps as free software
active user.

I think "GUADEC" has a recongnition as a brand out there. People talk
about it as if it was something important, an event you would go if you
would have an interest in GNOME, time and money to travel.

If a search engine can be called Yahoo! or Google, why a conference
can't be called GUADEC or Guadec.

The only conflict I see is the "E" of "European". I would solve the
conflict by forgetting the meaning of the acronym, moving to "Guadec"
and explaining somewhere the ethimology of the word, for minorities'

My opinion: I prefer something like Guadec to something like aKademy,
because no concept interfers with "Guadec" and we can define it as we
wish, and even change the definition. The "academy" concept interfers
with "aKademy", personally I dislike the concepts behind "academy" and
this influences my initial understanding/interest/pre-judice about the

Also, Guadec is pronnouced similarly by English, German, French,
Spanish, Norwegian, Persian............ speakers. Not easy to find this
quality nowadays.

About journalists, I don't see the issue but if there is any you also
solve it moving from GUADEC to Guadec, a 6 letter word easy to put in
any headlines.

And if after all we need to move to a new brand, I would pick one with
"GNOME" explicitly in it. "gconf" doesn't help outsiders to find the
relation with GNOME more than "GUADEC" does.

Quim Gil |

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