Re: Some perspective on how unimportant the board currently is.


On Fri, 2005-10-28 at 12:12 -0300, Fernando San Martín Woerner wrote:
> Also i want to remember GNOME Hackers training meetings in Chile as for
> us is very hard to get some core hacker from GNOME in our country we
> started a small meetings just to show how to be involved in GNOME,
> actually we've made more than 10 meetings in the last two years. Our
> main idea was to prepare a group of hackers to be ready when some core
> hacker like Federico will come to Chile, so they'll be ready to
> understand advanced knowledge, the idea has been changing and today
> Colleges and Universities are asking to GNOME Chile for dates to get a
> meeting in their campus, the next one will be in November.
> This kind of initiative should be supported by the Foundation and the
> board also could be replied arround the world, at least people from
> GNOME Hispano did it.

So, sounds like you have a real requirement from the Foundation. What is
it that you need? Have you send the board a list of requirements or
funds that you need to do a more effective job?

Half the time I heard people on IRC going 'I wish we had this...' or 'I
wish we had money so I could do this...' - but often those wishes never
make it back to the foundation board. Seriously people, if you have
ideas of how you could improve the world wide adoption of GNOME, please
yell out and suggest them. I think we would be in a much better state if
we had continuous streams of people sending email asking for X, Y and Z,
rather than the current board having to second guess everything.

If you need funding for what you think to be an important project, ask.
If you need travel assistance to speak at an important conference, ask.
Just ask, it's not going to do any harm. We may not have the finances to
help everyone, but I'm sure that we'll make an effort for the important


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