Re: Some perspective on how unimportant the board currently is.

El sáb, 29-10-2005 a las 19:09 +1300, Glynn Foster escribió:
> Hey,

Hi Glynn

> So, sounds like you have a real requirement from the Foundation. What is
> it that you need? Have you send the board a list of requirements or
> funds that you need to do a more effective job?

not more requirements that other people i guess, but few samples here:

1.- German a I were at "Encuentro Nacional de Linux" our main conference
here, talking about GNOME, we were thinking about place a GNOME Stand
there, of course for that we need a banner there, but today i think that
is quite hard to get one if we don't buy or pay for it, also is common
here i Chile to use bussiness cards when you make contact with someone,
so German did GNOME Stickers and i did bussiness cards taking a model
from the wiki, of course we pay for it and is not a big deal. But
thinking in marketing GNOME (btw we were the only one desktop at the
conference), also we were giving our GUADEC shirts at our talks (is hard
to get one in south america). I think that guidelines and support for
people who is pleading for GNOME is need. Look that i'm not asking for
money, but may be for some merchandising stuff

> Half the time I heard people on IRC going 'I wish we had this...' or 'I

me too, that the reason why we made GNOME stickers and other stuff.

> If you need funding for what you think to be an important project, ask.
> If you need travel assistance to speak at an important conference, ask.
> Just ask, it's not going to do any harm. We may not have the finances to
> help everyone, but I'm sure that we'll make an effort for the important
> things.

As German say, is not funds but a real support from foundation, to say,
this guys are doing this kind of work so we can help them with some kind
of stuff X. Of course this could be taken by every local group who is
pleading for GNOME and should be a standard for GNOME people talking at
conferences arround the world.

At last, just to say that i'm volunteer and for me doesn't matter to
spend some little money to pay a stickers box (German did it), is nice
to see people sticking GNOME foot in their laptops. I'll be speaking
about GNOME in two universities next weekend and other one in two weeks,
so i'll make enough stickers for those three or four talks.


Fernando San Martín Woerner
Jefe de Informática 
Galilea S.A.

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