Re: Vote NO on referendum to reduce board members

    > Concatenating all the minutes into one file would make it possible to
    > run M-x occur on a given board member's name, and get a quick glance
    > of how much (and what) that person has done.  If you only did this
    > regarding the people you were considering voting for, would that
    > make it easy enough?

    That would not generate useful data.  Some long running tasks would
    spoof the list with inactive items.  A few years ago (two?), there
    was an action item to define some api stability guidelines.  Several
    of us started work on it with pure hearts and good intentions but
    never concluded.  The method  you propose would give me credit for
    not getting the job done.

If you worked on the project sincerely, I think that counts as "doing
work", even if ultimately it didn't get finished.  It's normal that
not every project that people start gets finished; some hit dead ends.

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