Re: Vote NO on referendum to reduce board members

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 09:50:08AM -0200, Luciana Bastos de Freitas Menezes wrote:
> I live in the south of Brazil, and it seams contraditory while we're
> raising the number of users, contributors, to decrease the number of our
> representats in the board.

I totally disagree. The referendum was created because we have board
members that do nothing at all. Why would you want members of the board
that do nothing? Some board members only wanted to be on the board
because otherwise we'd have less people applying than available
positions. That is terrible!
Also, why do you think a board should be bigger because the community
becomes bigger. The board should defer most things to other groups.

The board should be smaller. With 11 people everyone expects someone
else to do the job. With less, people will know that applying means
 * They need to have time
 * They need to be active
 * They should ask another group to do/ prepare the work for them

> Also, I think this will make harder to have a Latin American
> representant in the board since we have a little amount of places to be
> filled.

Is this the reason you are asking this? How would a Latin American help
more than someone else? I do not care where a board member comes from,
as long as he does good work, makes good decisions + listens to the
community when needed.
Saying you need a Latin American person is to me asking for a biased
person which will look at unimportant factors (where a activity / person
comes from).

> So, I ask you to think about this, so we can have a chance to make
> difference!

And vote YES!


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