Re: Vote NO on referendum to reduce board members

On 10/24/05, Fernando San Martín Woerner <snmartin galilea cl> wrote:
> El lun, 24-10-2005 a las 22:01 +0200, Olav Vitters escribió:
> > On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 09:22:17PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:

> > > So vote for members who do things. If you have less members and they
> > > then turn out not to do anything will be better or worse
> >
> > With less members they will be forced to step down. That is my
> > intention. After each year I want to see what each board member has
> > accomplished.
> i guess that you can do it now.

Actually, no you can't.  Perhaps there are those who know how much
each board member has done but quite honestly, I have no clue.  And
short of manually pinging all of them and trying to extract the
information from them not only about themselves but the others on the
board (which I suspect would be a fairly time consuming task), I don't
really have any clue how I would find out.  And if I don't know, you
can bet there are a ton of other people out there who don't either.

Quite honestly, I feel we're all kind of voting on something we don't
know much at all about.  Currently, I'm siding with reducing the board
because of Luis's explanation, namely that (a) many board members run
simply because not enough people run (which is understandable as I
nearly ran myself, when I didn't really want to, on the grounds I
thought it'd be embarassing to have fewer candidates than positions
and I was afraid that was going to happen at the time), and (b) since
these board members don't really have enough time (but possibly don't
want stuff to go forward until they do get time to know what's going
on?), it prevents stuff from getting done.


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