Re: Official Compliant

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 13:55 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Your inability to contribute more doesn't mean that you're not helping,
> but, frankly, with such an attitude, I don't think anyone is interested
> in having you contribute.

Yes I got told various times about my so called 'attitude' and that's
nothing more than trying to kill my reputation and I would be thankful
if you leave these insulting things. My attitude is no better and not
worse than the attitude of many other people participating to this
community. So please do not make something 'special' out of explicit my
attitude. As if yours and the one from others should be weighted in

In my previous complaints here on this list (some months ago) and this
one you need to show me where I wrote anything insulting or bad. I only
brought up some stuff that basicly no one wants to understand. The
conversation such as this one now turns all about me after some time and
the initial point get lost.

Now please explain me what bad did I do to Mark and what bad did Eugenia
do to Mark that deserves his behaviour ?

As you can see there was no offending words, no offensive stuff towards
Mark and I don't see how you and some others can justify his behaviour
of being rude and condemn if someone else does ?

I followed plenty of emails that arrives any mailinglist. I
also do follow other places and conversations as well and don't see
people acting much differently than I do (did).

But if you want to take old things that happened as excuse for my bad
attitude then well. If we go out and sum up yours or the one from other
participants within GNOME then their individual shit weights as much as
my shit. But who judges about this ? You, Jeff, Mark and others I see
writing to a bunch of places have NO better attitude than I have but
it's easier to excuse their attitude than mine.

I certainly do have a different opinion of GNOME as Desktop and I
certainly make no secret out of it that I do have plenty of points
within GNOME that I do criticise - way's it go, how philosophy did
change, how people being attacked and treated etc. But this doesn't make
me a bad person with a bad 'attitude' I only have a different opinion
that YOU and some others can't get along with. This is certainly not my
problem it's yours and you should seriously think about my comments and
the ones done by others (that you namely like to call 'trolls') whether
they have a point or not.

This is not just about me in general plenty of you people are doing the
same with others as well. The GNOME mailinglists are filled with
compliants from other participants and ex-participants and you wonder
why people unsubscribe from your list. It's because the tone has
changed, it's because some of you presume to be different and have the
legal rights to behave as you do because you can be sure that there are
the one or other (preferabely in a group of 'good friends') who protect
the ass of the other by finding justification of having act as suchs.

> I would also like to note that you didn't respond to my original reply
> to you. Please, Ali, follow the advices I gave you in that e-mail.

My apoloizes but I haven't received any email from you. Care to sent to
me privately again ?

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