Re: Official Compliant

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 10:44 +0100, Justin Davies wrote:
> Please do not take offense, as I doubt very much that Mark meant it in  
> that way.  He is not trying to segregate users from interacting with  
> developers, but the devel list is there for developers to discuss the  
> project, and not for user's to post a query about something that should  
> be answered in user-*, having to wade through thousands of emails a day  
> to get to development issues slows people down a lot, I hope you  
> understand.

Hello Justin,

How does my contributions to GNOME (Galeon, Balsa, ..., CVSGnome and
other things) over the past 5 years make me not a valid developer ? What
is a developer and how do you separate between:

a) a developer,
b) a user,
c) someone who actively contributes to GNOME,
d) someone who did contribute to GNOME ?

How will you get NEW developers if you take away every right for
interested people to talk ? Who decides who is a developer and who not
and why does Marc have to decide it (Only him getting paid for his job,
which makes him contribute more to the project than me) doesn't make him
something even more special ? How is this going conform in 'free speech
as in free beer' ? I don't value how much everyone has contributed to
GNOME and truly there are people who deserve their status because of
their contribution and nobody wants to neglect that. But this shouldn't
mean that they have some extra rights or something.

I came up with something similar some months ago and the Foundation
simply ignored the request, I came up with something like this towards
Tim Ney himself and nothing has been done, I do come up to this list
again now and feel that nothing will be done again.

Sorry to say it but I feel that the Foundation may fail again in clearly
describing, maintaining and enforcing such rules to have everyone
participate and being part of this community equally...

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