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I do not think Mark meant to offend anyone with the email. On most lists that involve developers discussions, the idea is for the developers to move a project forward. With any list like this, there is usually a high amount of noise from user's asking questions that do not relate to the development cycle. These should usually be posted in the user-* lists for the group.

Please do not take offense, as I doubt very much that Mark meant it in that way. He is not trying to segregate users from interacting with developers, but the devel list is there for developers to discuss the project, and not for user's to post a query about something that should be answered in user-*, having to wade through thousands of emails a day to get to development issues slows people down a lot, I hope you understand.

Regarding the second email, well I guess we all have bad days!


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On 14 Jul 2004, at 10:33, Ali Akcaagac wrote:

Hello representants of GNOME,

I would like to take the chance to fill a compliant about abusive
behaviour within GNOME and would like that these practices are being
stopped quickly. Here are two things that came into my mind so far: msg00231.html

I feel quite offended by the behaviour of Marc McLoughlin and his way of enforcing rules and separation of people. Aren't there any guidelines or
rules in the GNOME carta how the community has to be treated or how to
act in the public ? Wasn't GNOME a open community, open for everyone to
participate and bring up points to dicussion ?

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