Re: BSD license vs. Evolution assigment (was Re: Copyright assignment)

On Sad, 2004-08-07 at 15:34, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> At no point above did I imply that someone ought to commit to Evolution CVS
> without signing the copyright assignment.

You said

"That's fine, they may choose to not sign the copyright agreement. There
is noting wrong with that."

But as I understand it that means they would refuse to accept the patch
irrespective of the important issue (is it technically good). So it
would conceivably put in place a policy that prevents free software
developers from contributing technically good changes to Evolution.

One obvious answer might seem to be to wait until it happens (if it ever
does). I doubt that many people consider it a problem. The question is
whether this should be answered up front once and for all so that
if/when it happens there is not a massive mess at a time it may be too
late to change.


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