Re: Yes to Publicity! Not to Anonimity! Was: Re: GNOME Foundation Annual Elections - proposal

On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 05:28:59PM -0600, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
> > Best course of action would be for the voting software to re-send the ballot
> > with a new unique key (same counter).  But that's getting quite anal.
> So if I want to find out whether my subordinate indeed voted for me, I
> send a request from the employee's account for a new key. That yields
> the employee's serial number (first 3 digits) that suffice to look up
> the vote.

So if the key is re-made on requests (which is what I suggested) then you
don't.  You request it and get a new key.  The employee will try to vote with
the old key (which you don't know) and will be refused.

If you can get into your emplyees email then you can get the key in the first
place.  Obviously though if you want to be independent from your employer you
vote from home using a personal account (or use encryption).

So I as a voter can take the precaution (using a personal email account to

Can you come up with an example which is not easily refuted?  As in a REAL
problem?  So far the examples are either incredibly vague (e.g. "secrecy
makes fraud possible"), not different in old/new scheme and thus irrelevant,
or obvious and easily preventable by the voter that does care about anonymity
(e.g. above).


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