Re: The timestamp thing

On Sat, 2009-11-07 at 08:37 -0600, Steve McGrath wrote: 
> Whenever I try to apply it, patch
> simply hangs forever with no output... It's very strange.

How are you using patch?  You must give the patch to patch on stdin, not
as a command line argument:

$ patch ... < file.patch


$patch ... file.patch

The latter would definitely cause your symptoms.

There's one thing I'd point out for those of you circumventing f-spot's
UTC manipulation and that's that when this mess is finally, officially,
fixed, I'd hope to hell that part of the fix is for f-spot to go "fix"
all of the manipulations it has done, or at least account for them,
somehow in it's corrections.

That will meant that those of you that have been circumventing and/or
undoing the UTC normalization will have your timestamps warped once
again, in the opposite direction, unless f-spot, somehow allows for the
fact that some people have been manipulating timestamp in a way other
than f-spot expects.


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