The timestamp thing

Hi all,
Let me first say that F-Spot has absolutely rocked for me for a few
years now, and I won't use anything else.

That said, this ongoing timestamp issue is driving me nuts. I recently
had to fix the timestamps on about 2,000 photos, some of which had been
previously adjusted due to my camera being set wrong for a while. This
caused much badness, completely hosed all my timestamps, and brought
about the wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

I've cleaned that mess up now, all my timestamps are as correct as
they're ever going to be. And now I'd like to keep them that way. What's
the best way to accomplish this?

I understand that F-Spot doesn't touch the timestamps if not set to
store metadata in the files; but I'd still like to be able to save tags
and captions into the files to work with other software.

I suppose my two main questions boil down to these:
I understand that if I start F-Spot with TZ=UTC set, it won't alter
timestamps on new imports. Does it do anything to the way F-Spot
displays timestamps from already-imported photos?

Also, I've heard of a couple patches for F-Spot which keep it from
mucking about with my EXIF timestamps. Is there such a patch which is
compatible with the latest version?

Steve McGrath
smcgrath23 gmail com

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