Re: Display bigger version of a photo on a tooltip

Glad to have solved the misunderstanding.

> The reasons for not wanting it are broadly the same, pop-up can be
> distracting.  I tend to use F-Spot with the thumbnails quite large
> (almost the 'v' popup size), therefore David's suggestion would not add
> much.  I get enough detail that I can choose those photos I want to look
> at in more detail in slideshow mode.

>From my point of view having such large images on the browser detracts
from its usability since it allows for less pictures to show up on
screen at the same time, and therefore makes the browsing more
difficult. That's of course just the way I see it, yours is just as

> However, if I do reduce the thumbnails then David's feature becomes very
> useful.
> But on the third hand holding down the 'v' key gives you David's
> functionality if *and* *only* *if* you want it.  So my vote is still to
> maintain the status quo.

Yup. But, in my usercase (and my girlfriend's), the "v" key feature was not
obvious at all, so we have been actually double-clicking photos every time we
wanted to see them in detail and that makes me feel stupid now. Even now that
feature doesn't feel quite right to me; maybe it's because of its appearance,
maybe it's because of having to keep a key pressed or maybe it's from my
experience with other apps (read Pidgin), but having a yellow tooltip appear
when you let the cursor be is just the thing I'd expect to happen.

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