Re: multilingual tags

On Fri Sep 15 at 12:36 (+0300), Dotan Cohen wrote:
> One such axample would be thumbnail-field space. For instance, if I
> have a picture of my wife with the Sagrada Familia church in the
> background, I might want the thumbnail to be either my wife's face, or
> the church. I could select the rectangular area that I want (the
> interface could also keep the 4:3 aspect ratio) and that would be
> saved as the coordinates for the thumbnail image.

Actually, the XMP spec allows storing several thumbnails. In the same
way it defines language alternatives arrays, it also defines thumbnail
alternatives arrays. So you can store several thumbnails from which the
app will choose one to use. Which one to use is up to the app and it's
possible to add some info to somewhat describe the alternatives.  Nifty,

And scary too ;)

> The possibilities for expanding the FSF data are endless.

Which is precisely the reason why I don't like this idea. F-spot would
be the only app able to make sense of it and I want my metadata to make
sense to as many apps as possible. Which implies following open and
popular specs.

My 2¢, of course.

Thomas "mercen" PARIS

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