Re: [Evolution] Copies of messages not deleted on the server and multiple copies of the same downloaded

On Thu, 2021-09-02 at 13:13 +0200, Vincenzo * HI-Lab via evolution-list
The emails are no longer duplicated, however, in one of the two
accounts with problems, there are over thousands of emails that are
not downloaded, they remain in the pop3 server.

that seems to be supported by the log:

pop3_folder_maybe_expunge_cache: Recognized 0 downloaded messages

As the debug for the accounts overlap, it is kinda hard to know which
account is this for. I guess it's still trying to figure out the
listing of the all messages on the server, then it'll download them
("RETR 1234" in the log) and only then they will be shown under On This

As there are probably 16259+ messages in one of your accounts, I
suppose it'll take quite some time, depending on the server speed,
network speed and the messages' size.

You can run Evolution with the POP3 debugging on and click Send/Receive
button to initiate the download. Watch for the RETR commands in the

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