Re: [Evolution] Copies of messages not deleted on the server and multiple copies of the same downloaded

On Tue, 2021-08-31 at 18:28 +0200, Vincenzo * HI-Lab via evolution-list
The mail client has several pop3 accounts. 

there probably happened something to the file, which remembers which
messages had been already downloaded/known and which not. These are
stored under ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/<account-uid>/ , one of the
files named "uid-cache". You can delete those directories, which will
reconstruct everything needed (not only the uid-cache file), but it
will also download the server messages again.

Maybe when you run Evolution from a terminal it'll show what had been
failing. You can also run it as:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3 evolution

to see the communication between all the POP3 servers/your accounts and
the Evolution, which may also shed a bit of light on this.

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