Re: [Evolution] How to display attached pictures ?

El dom, 22-08-2021 a las 07:03 +0200, Pierre THOMAS via evolution-list

As I am a daring explorer (!), I installed Evolution 3.40 through
Discover (source = Flatpak)  -->  I lost everything I did previously
with Evolution 😂️
Fortunately, after having uninstalled this version of Evolution I
found again everything (Ouf !)

Flatpaks install separately, no over the existing installation, so yes
you would have to reconfigure and download things again (assuming you
are using IMAP).

How can I update Evolution from 3.38 to 3.40 version ?

The best way to update is to wait for Mageia 9, sorry. In the end you
are simply dealing with something inconvenient, but with the knowledge
that it will eventually go away.


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