Re: [Evolution] How to add a Send later button

On 2021-08-21 at 18:47 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
This is not just an affectation - if you reply
to the list and to me, the list management software sees that I have
already got a copy and doesn't send me the list version, so the only
version I have is the one direct from you and that doesn't contain
the list specific headers, so it's much more difficult for me to
reply to the list only.

As a sidenote, whether to skip duplicates to the user is a mailman
setting, so you could configure your account to receive such
duplicates, and setup a filter which on receiving a mail addresses to
you and the list and without list headers, sends back an autoreply
saying "I see you copied me in a mail to the list, since that makes it
harder to process, it is being automatically deleted, you can expect
that I read it from the list. No need to explicitly copy me." and
Deletes the email.

Obviously that won't work with "smart" servers deduplicating your mail
by themselves, such as Gmail, but should work anywhere else.

Best regards

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