Re: [Evolution] How to display attached pictures ?

El sáb, 21-08-2021 a las 09:30 +0200, Pierre THOMAS via evolution-list

I thank you Pete for your answer.

I understand how a picture is attached to an email. But, like it is
possible with Thunderbird, the recipient must be able to choose what
is convenient for him.
(I consider the best ergonomy for a software is the less number of
mouse clicks to perform what you want ...)

As an example, for emails received from my surveillance IP Cam,
emails contain only 3 photos. The body of the email is just 3 lines
each beginning with an arrow, clicking on this arrow displays the
photo. I just wish a parameter in the menu which enables to do it by
default, without clicking. (The same with different type of attached
documents, as in Thunderbird)
What is said in  is too
sophisticated for me ...

My best regards,


Hi Pierre,

I know it does not help now, but Evo 3.40.3 (in Cauldron) has a nice
feature. If you click the download button on an attached photo, the
popup offers the possibility of viewing it or all attached photos
inline (in the attachment pane, not the message pane) where you can
scroll through them. I have not tested to see what it does with mixed
attachments (e.g., images and text documents), but it works really
nicely with photos -- and is something I had not noticed until I read
your question!

Sorry, but it seems to be a new feature in 3.40 as I just checked my
Mageia 8 machine, so you basic options are to wait for Mageia 9 or try
the flatpak version of Evo.


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