Re: [Evolution] Issue when changing default location of Evolution mail folder to another device

It would be preferential to use an NFS mount. But that has issues as
well - file locking across NFS is an issue and
depends to a large extent on the server side.  I don't know what the
underlying OS is on the synology NAS, but it would be worth

If you NFS mount your home directory - and your NFS server is sane [as
AFAIK all moderately recent servers are]

1.) You won't need to "relocate" anything.
2.) You can let the NAS or server do all the backups

That is the 'normal' way to do this.  Remote mount your entire home
directory - don't try to peace meal things.  It works just fine.  I've
had hundreds of LINUX desktops remote mounting their home directory -
it works.

Yes, your uid/gid number mapping **MUST WORK**.  That is between your
server and your client; it is not application specific.  Modern NFS has
multiple solutions for this problem.

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