Re: [Evolution] Issue when changing default location of Evolution mail folder to another device

On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 03:40 +0200, Karim.afifi wrote:
Hi Pete, 

"Please don't top post on this list." 


Randomly putting quote marks around things is not the normal way of
quoting email content. Is there any reason why you can't just reply the
same way as everyone else??

I tried to share via NFS today, but I had another issue here : 
- user => access denied (permissions) 
- root (just to test) => no problem 
It seems this behavior is because the computer and the NAS have different uid and gid. 
Tomorrow, I will modify values on the NAS, I hope it will fix. 

Yes, you have to match up the UID's and GID's on the client and server,
otherwise it won't work.  That's not just for NFS, most remote storage
needs some form of user based access and you have to take care to make
sure that the control mechanisms work properly.

"My general advice would be "don't do it". So, why are you wanting to
put your Evo storage on a network filesystem? If it's purely for
storage, then get yourself a bigger disk! " 

It's for "transparent backup"; I am working without I need to backup manually : 
- All data (I mean for all applications, including Evo) are stored on the NAS. 
- Data are automatically backup on the NAS every night (multiples RAID) 
- Plus backup on external support every month. 

Backup doesn't need to be manual - there are lots of automated backup
solutions that are available as part of the OS repositories.

"If it's for backup, then I think the synology boxes can do SMTP &
IMAP - use those to manage your mail, life will be saner!" 

Yes Synology supports SMTP, IMAP, etc..., but how to access to the
files ? I will check how it works ans if there any good Linux

What do you mean "how to access the files"?  If your mail is stored on
the synology box and you access it by IMAP, then you don't need to
access any of the "files". The issue you should be looking at is how to
get the mail onto the synology box in the first place.  But by far the
best solution is to use IMAP to access your mail on your mail
provider's server. You have a mail address, if that's where
your mail ends up, then they have IMAP, so use it.  Your mail will
remain on their servers, nothing of real importance will be held on
your local machine other than configuration - and since that doesn't
really change often, a daily or weekly backup of that to your synology
box will be sufficient.


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