[Evolution] Issue when changing default location of Evolution mail folder to another device

Hi all,

I plan to use Evolution instead of Thundird, but I have an issue.

I need to  move folders from local machine to a Synology (on the LAN). I changed default location according to thistutorial ( mv directories, and create  symlinks) :


Unfortunatelly, I had somme issues : Evolution is running but I can't send/receive any mail :

1) When I try to send a mail :

An error occurred while saving to your Outbox folder.
The reported error was “Cannot append message to maildir folder: /KARIM/==EVOLUTION==/share/evolution/mail/local/.Outbox/tmp/1588633263.2662_9.ubuntu: Permission denied”. The message has not been sent.

2) When I run F12 "Send/Receive"  :

Error while Storing folder “Inbox”. Attempt to write a readonly database

I can acces to the NAS without any problem (read & write) via a terminal or via thunar, caja, etc..

Did I missed something ?
Could you please help me to fix this ?

Thanks a lot.

Evolution v3.36.1-2
Kubuntu 20.04

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