Re: [Evolution] Issue when changing default location of Evolution mail folder to another device

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On Tue, 2020-05-05 at 17:41 +0200, Karim.afifi wrote:

Thanks for pointing to this.
After a second check  I found that I can't write in user mode (in root 
mode no problem, this confused me...).

And you learn the lesson of "don't do anything as root that doesn't
need it" and specifically "don't do anything as root with your own
account, it will come back and bite you".

I have some trouble, because directory still appears "read-only", even 
if Synology is setting to "R/W". I noticed :

My CIFS volume is sharing with a Windows 10 user and an Ubuntu user 
(each one has its own directory).
Is it a problem ?

My volume is sharing via CIFS, do you think that NFS should be 
better/mandatory ?

Permission/user mapping between CIFS and Unix is not an exact science. 
I would tend to advise that you don't use a CIFS mount for your home
directory - it's OK if you are using it for remote storage, but not for
anything important.

It would be preferential to use an NFS mount. But that has issues as
well - file locking across NFS is an issue and performance/reliability
depends to a large extent on the server side.  I don't know what the
underlying OS is on the synology NAS, but it would be worth

My general advice would be "don't do it". So, why are you wanting to
put your Evo storage on a network filesystem?  If it's purely for
storage, then get yourself a bigger disk! If it's for backup, then I
think the synology boxes can do SMTP & IMAP - use those to manage your
mail, life will be saner!


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