Re: [Evolution] Issue when changing default location of Evolution mail folder to another device


Thanks for pointing to this.
After a second check  I found that I can't write in user mode (in root mode no problem, this confused me...).

I have some trouble, because directory still appears "read-only", even if Synology is setting to "R/W". I noticed :

My CIFS volume is sharing with a Windows 10 user and an Ubuntu user (each one has its own directory).
Is it a problem ?

My volume is sharing via CIFS, do you think that NFS should be better/mandatory ?

Any advice will be appreciated :-)


Le 05/05/2020 à 08:33, Milan Crha via evolution-list a écrit :
On Tue, 2020-05-05 at 01:15 +0200, Karim.afifi wrote:
Permission denied”. The message has not been sent.


I can acces to the NAS without any problem (read & write) via a
or via thunar, caja, etc..
are you able to access that particular path with read/write? I'd guess
that something on that path has read only attributes. Or it's owned by
a different user. The system surely knows why it claims about

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