Re: [Evolution] Issue when changing default location of Evolution mail folder to another device

On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 03:40 +0200, Karim.afifi wrote:
It's for "transparent backup"; I am working without I need to backup 
manually :
- All data (I mean for all applications, including Evo) are stored on 
the NAS.
- Data are automatically backup on the NAS every night (multiples RAID)
- Plus backup on external support every month.

"If it's for backup, then I think the synology boxes can do SMTP & IMAP 
- use those to manage your mail, life will be saner!"

Yes Synology supports SMTP, IMAP, etc..., but how to access to the files 
? I will check how it works ans if there any good Linux client.

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If you use Evo with IMAP, you don't need to back up your mail, just
your settings (which don't generally change very often). That's
independent of using a NAS or not. I agree with Pete: using a NAS for
your home directory is not ideal. Much better is to keep the home
directory local and have a regular (say nightly) backup to the NAS. You
can do that without NFS or CIFS by using rsnapshot, borgbackup or any
number of other options (Synology may even have an app for that). Even
if the backup solution requires NFS write access (which rsync-based
solutions do not), it's just that one program running in the small
hours, not every piece of software that touches your home directory.
You can then mount the NAS read-only with NFS for data recovery, which
avoids locking issues entirely.


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