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On Tue, 2020-04-07 at 04:19 +0200, via evolution-list wrote:
I've a very important HTML email conversation I have to

I do not know of the use case, but I dare to ask: would the backup of
the email, instead of some PDF, not be better? Unless you really need
data origin than the PDF file. It can be eventually harder to extract
the information from a standalone .mbox file, without proper tooling.

Well in general things begin with pdf/print, then if going further you
have to provide raw material. With visualy faked pdf you have no

Temporarly switching for a bright theme does nothing. It's HTML
on mail source -white font when printing-.

Aha, it's very nice from the sender. Depending on how often you
such mails, maybe you can save the message, edit the style for
printing, then import the message and print it.

Yes we can always tweak everything but definitly not a regular usage.
Lots of daily emails are prettyfied: commercials but also officials
that you can't cut trought. So nope.

Evolution 3.36.1 (by

That version allows to disable colors in HTML mails, using theme
like in the Plain Text mode. As you've it in Flatpak, you should run
terminal in the Evolution sandbox first:

   $ flatpak run ---command=sh org.gnome.Evolution

then change the setting:

   $ gsettings set org.gnome.evolution.mail preview-unset-html-colors 

I do not know how much it influences print of the message, or if at

It only affect inbox display. Nothing better when answer, transfer,

It's pretty surprising and disappointing that such a tool like
Evolution doesn't fully handle black themes/accessibility.
I won't hit you but it really, really deserve an prioritary update and
I pray and cry for it!

Maybe there is a bug/request roadmap somewhere?

Thanks a lot.


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